Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Processes

  • Business Expense Reports
  • Personal Reimbursements
  • Student Refunds
  • University Bills
  • Vendor Invoices

Checks are printed every week on Wednesday.

Check Requests

Requests for payment to individuals or outside vendors should be submitted to the Business Office by entering a purchase order into the campus database system. 

  • A purchase order should be completed and submitted for approval prior to purchase or commitment to vendors.
  • Once the purchase or service has been rendered to the Business Office and the purchase approval process is complete, it is necessary to submit appropriate documentation. Receipts should be sent in an Expense Reimbursement Envelope (provided by the Business Office) with the purchase order number and vendor name noted on the outside. Vendor invoices must be approved before a check will be written - the purchase order number should be noted on the top right of a paper invoice, or by reply to an emailed invoice. By approving an invoice an individual is acknowledging receipt of goods and approves the final cost.
  • Once all documentation (approved purchase order and approved invoice/receipts) has been received in the Business Office, a check will be produced in the next check run.
  • Insufficient documentation will result in a delay of payment and may be sent back to the authorizing department for follow up.


Advances may be requested by filling out a purchase order.  Advance checks will be sent to the named individual via campus mail. Receipts and/or any unused cash must be returned to the Business Office within 10 days of completion of the travel or event for which the advance was issued.  Only one advance may be outstanding to an individual at any time—additional advance requests will be delayed until all prior advances have been cleared.

Automobile Expenses

NNU employees are encouraged to use the NNU Enterprise account when traveling for business. Employees that use their personal automobiles for University business will be reimbursed for such use on a per mile basis.  The current years mileage rate is determined every July 1.   Automobile reimbursement (mileage only) should be requested by completing a purchase order and submitting an Automobile Expense Reimbursement Form (found on the NNU portal) once approval of the purchase order is complete.

Business Expenses

Associates of NNU should submit a purchase order for reimbursement of any business-related expenses that have occurred while conducting University business.  Receipts for all expenses should be sent to the Business Office in an Expense Reimbursement Envelope (provided by the Business Office).  Expense receipts are reviewed by the Accounting Department and then processed for payment on the last Wednesday of the month.