Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Processes

  • Invoices to Customers
  • Employee Advance Reports
  • Monthly Departmental Charges

Invoices to Customers

Invoices created to bill third parties for materials, facility usage, and services should be sent to the Accounts Receivable Office within three business days of the conclusion of the business transaction.  The Accounts Receivable Office will post the transactions to the general ledger, charging the invoice amount to the customer's receivable account and crediting the departmental revenue account.  

Sales Tax exemption may only be granted to a customer if they have completed Idaho Form ST101 and they claim to be an exempt organization.  Blank ST101 Forms are on the NNU portal and once completed are to be kept on file in the office where they are collected; they should be logged on the shared excel file located s:\common\sales tax exemption.

Payments received from customers should be directed to the Accounts Receivable Office.  The collection of outstanding balances is the responsibility of the Accounts Receivable Office in coordination with the originating department.

Employee Advance Reports

Receipts and/or any unused cash must be returned to the Business Office within 10 days of completion of the travel or event for which the advance was issued.  Only one advance may be outstanding to an individual at any time—additional advance requests will be delayed until all prior advances have been cleared.

When the advance report is received in the Business Office, the Cashier will post any cash returned back against the outstanding employee receivable account balance.  The Accounts Receivable Office will charge the total expense amount to the departmental budget and clear the remaining outstanding receivable balance.

Monthly Departmental Charges

Departments may incur charges on campus through the Bookstore, the Post Office, Media Services, Academic Copy Services, Printer Services and the Print Shop.  These charges are posted automatically at the end of each month directly against the departmental accounts.