The Northwest Nazarene University U-card Program is designed to utilize a more efficient and cost effective procurement and payment process.  The U-card is to be used for all purchases made from vendors who accept credit/debit cards.  This program allows the cardholder to purchase approved merchandise and services directly from vendors.  Each U-card is issued to a named individual who is held accountable for the use of their card.  


  • Expand convenience and controls
  • Eliminate petty cash and employee reimbursements
  • Reduce volume of purchase orders, invoices, and checks 
  • Expedite payments to vendors 
  • Reduce postage costs 
  • View and monitor transactions electronically

For contact information 
Email: u-card(at)nnu.edu  Telephone: 208-467-8894
Lost/Stolen Cards: 800-344-5696

U-card FAQ

When does the cycle end?
It ends on the sixth of each month, or the first business day after if the 6th falls on a weekend.

When are the Activity Reports/Receipts due to the Accounts Payable Office?
They should be turned in by the end of the day on the 15th of each month.

What do I do if I forget my password?  
Call extension 8894 (leave voicemail if no one picks up) or send an email to u-card(at)nnu.edu

How do I request a credit limit increase?
Email your request with an explanation to your supervisor.  If they approve the request, they should forward it to u-card(at)nnu.edu

How do I add "favorites" so that they display on the drop-down list starting with "Change Current Value"?
To set up a new favorite, you can enter the account coding as you plan to use it on any transaction, then click on the icon at the far right labeled "Add As Favorite".  You will then be able to name the favorite and save it.  It will appear on the drop-down list preceded by the # sign.

Do I need a receipt for all transactions?
Yes, unless the vendor provided "level III" detail with the transaction.  You can see this by looking at the transaction list in Access Online and looking at the "detail" column.   If it appears as a circle with "III" in it, then you may note "level III" next to it on your activity report and you do not need to attach a receipt.

Should I scan my receipts and email them to you?
For now we are asking that you submit the paper receipts.  At some point in the near future, we plan to request that receipts be scanned as a PDF, readability confirmed, then submitted electronically.  I suggest that you scan your receipts and save them electronically for your records, then forward the original paper on to us with your Activity Statement when it is due.

When should I allocate my expenses?  
We recommend that you allocate purchases as soon as possible after the transaction has posted.  By allocating immediately and submitting it to your supervisor, it ensures that the transaction will be posted to your budget and will complete the approval process within the time allowed for processing. Waiting until the end of the cycle to submit your transactions might create a backlog for your supervisor as they try to approve and submit all transactions in their queue.

After I allocate and approve my transactions, who do I send them to next?  
Send them to your supervisor.  Once your supervisor has approved them, they should submit them to the assistant controller for a final review.

What if I make a purchase that needs to be charged to someone else's budget?  
You should make every attempt to obtain written (email) authorization from another budget manager before purchasing an item that you plan to charge to their budget.  A copy of this authorization should be provided with your receipt documentation when it is turned in.  If you do not have anything to document this authorization, you should request that they initial your Activity Report next to the items that were charged to their budget.  In the event of a dispute, and no written authorization or initialed approval is provided, the cardholders' primary budget will have to bear the cost of the purchase.

I am not receiving an email telling my statement is ready, how can I change this?
When you are logged into Access Online, click on "My Personal Information". Under contact information you should be able to click on a link labeled "Email Notification". Confirm that your email address is entered correctly. Make sure that the box under statement notification is set as "enabled". Click on "Save" at the bottom of the screen.