Campus Loans

Currently the Campus Based Loan Office manages Federal Perkins Student Loans and NNU Institutional Student Loan Programs. These pages were designed with these borrowers in mind.

If you require information on other types of federal loans (Direct Loan, Stafford, PLUS, or alternative loans), please contact your lender directly. If you do not know who your lender is, you can obtain this information my loggin into the website. You may also call the Department of Education Student Aid Help Line at 800-433-3243. 

If you require information on your NNU student account, contact our Student Accounts Staff at 208-467-8596 or email

Loan Counseling

When you will no longer be continuing your enrollment at NNU as a full time student, you will be required to complete an exit counseling specifically related to the Federal Perkins Loan program. Please notify NNU of your intent to discontinue your enrollment so that UAS, our billing servicer, can email you the appropriate link to complete this federal requirement.

Address Change

Click here to inform NNU of a change of address for your Federal Perkins Loan or your NNU Institutional Student Loan. You can also update the address yourself directly with UAS.