Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights

You are entitled to know the full amount of your loan, the interest rate, the first payment due date and the amount. Please reference your repayment schedule which was given to you when you left school. If you do not have a repayment schedule, you did not complete everything with NNU before leaving. Please contact the school at 208-467-8534 or

You may prepay all or any portion of the principal plus accrued interest at any time without a penalty. Payments are applied to outstanding collection, late, and interest charges before being applied to the principal. All other payments made in excess of the amount due will be used to reduce principal, unless you clearly designate in writing that excess amounts are payments toward future installments. The balance of the loan is not reduced by the total payment amount; it is reduced only by the amount applied to principal. Payments can be made online at UAS. You may also mail your check to Northwest Nazarene University, c/o UAS, PO Box 918, Brookfield WI 53008.  Amounts paid during the academic year in which the loan was made will be used to reduce the amount of the loan. These are not considered prepayments but loan reductions. These payments should be made to the NNU Business Office.

The Department of Education has established an Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) Ombudsman Office to work with student loan borrowers to informally resolve loan disputes and problems. Visit the Ombudsman Office's website, or call the Ombudsman Customer Service line at 877.557.2575.

You are entitled to request deferment, cancellation and forbearance of your loan as specified in your promissory note. These requests must be made in writing and must include any supporting documentation the school requires. Student deferments can be accepted through the National Student Loan Clearinghouse if your school reports enrollment information to the Clearinghouse; this is the only circumstance when a student deferment does not have to be requested in writing. Requests for deferment, cancellation and forbearance must be made in a timely manner or you may lose these benefits. Contact UAS for the appropriate form.  


Your Responsibilities

Exit Counseling
Federal regulations require borrowers to complete an exit counseling session prior to leaving NNU. When NNU is aware that you will not longer be attending NNU, we will notify UAS to email the link to complete the exit requirement specific to the Federal Perkins Loan, or you may schedule an individual loan session with Student Financial Services. For questions on the exit counseling process you may contact Student Financial Services at 208-467-8534 or

Name and Address Changes
You must promptly notify NNU or UAS of any name, address, and/or telephone number changes. Filing a mail forwarding order with the Post Office does not fulfill your obligation under this clause.

You are responsible for repaying your loan even if you do not complete your academic program, or are dissatisfied with the education you received, or are unable to find employment after you graduate.

Completion of Forms
You must submit properly and fully completed certified forms for requesting deferment or cancellation on a timely basis. You are responsible for notifying NNU or UAS of anything that might alter your eligibility for an existing deferment or cancellation.

Prompt Response
You must promptly answer any communication from NNU or UAS regarding your loan. If you cannot pay on time, you must contact NNU's student loan office to make financial arrangements; 208-467-8534 or

Timely Remittances
Payments are due on the first of every month. We recommend that you make your payments online at UAS. When mailing a payment, you should allow ample time for the payment to reach UAS. You must contact UAS or NNU before the due date of any payment that you are unable to make. This enables the office to assist you in determining possible payment alternatives, if necessary.

Credit Verification
NNU is the owner of your loan. Requests for credit verification, mortgage verification, and bankruptcy notices must be sent to the NNU Business Office, Student Loans, 623 S. University Boulevard, Nampa ID 83686-5897.