Loan Repayment


Revolving Student Loans are institutional loans offered by NNU. Univeristy Accounting Service, LLC (UAS), a billing service for student loans, is under contract with Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) to perform the billing for your Revolving Student Loan. If you have questions regarding your loan you may contact NNU at 208-467-8534 or campusloans(at)

The loan you received to help you with your education comes from a revolving fund. Your prompt payment of that loan will return monies to the fund which can be used by others for the funding of their education.

Payment begins 90-days after the date you cease to be enrolled at NNU as at least a half-time regular student.

Statements are prepared and mailed by UAS on or near the 1st of each month for current loan accounts. If your loan is past-due, statements are prepared on or near the 15th of each month.

You must make payments on your loan even if you do not receive a bill or payment notice. Billing statements are sent to you as a convenience, but you are obligated to make payments even if you do not receive any reminders.

If you fail to make full payment when due or do not file forms with the proper documentation in a timely manner, you will be assessed a late charge and may be reported as a delinquent account to the national credit bureaus. 

If you fail to fulfill your responsibilities concerning your student loan, you may be required to repay the entire loan immediately including accrued interest, late charges, collection fees and legal costs.

Option 1: Payments can be made online at UAS. 

UAS offers several electronic payment options. Find out more by visiting their website.

Option 2: Payments with a remit slip can be mailed UAS.

Make checks payable to Northwest Nazarene University.
Mail to address on your remit slip
Also, it is always helpful to have your account number on the check. 

Option 3: Payments without a remit slip can be mailed directly to one of the following addresses, with your account number, however, we highly recommend that you choose option one or two.

Northwest Nazarene University 
Business Office-Student Loans 
623 S. University Blvd 
Nampa, ID 83686 

University Accounting Service, LLC
PO Box 5879
​Carol Stream IL 60197-5879


A deferment is a period of time during which the borrower is not required to repay the loan principal. Being an institutional loan, deferments under this loan program are very limited. 

A borrower must request the deferment in writing from NNU and must submit to NNU any documentation required to prove that he or she qualifies for deferment. If the borrower is eligible for deferment, he or she must request the deferment in a timely manner. If it is not, and the borrower's loan is past-due, he or she will be assessed a late charge, and may be reported as a delinquent account to the National Credit Bureaus, and may also lose deferment benefits.

Student Deferment
A borrower may be eligible for a school deferment, and may defer making scheduled installment payments and will not be liable for any principal or interest during any period that he or she is enrolled and in attendance at least half-time as an undergraduate student seeking his or her first baccalaureate degree at Northwest Nazarene University. This deferment is followed by a 90-day grace period. Undergraduate enrollment at another institution does not qualify for school deferment. 

A borrower may be eligible for a school deferment of principal only after graduating from NNU but will be liable for any interest that accrues during any period that he or she is enrolled and in attendance as a full-time graduate student at either NNU or a Nazarene Seminary. Interest must be paid monthly to NNU, unless special arrangments are made with the NNU Student Loan Office. This deferment is followed by a 90-day grace period as long as the borrower continues to make the interest payments during this 90-day period.


Forbearance is usually a temporary postponement of payments. The borrower may alternatively request an extension of time allowed for making payments or the acceptance of smaller payments than were previously scheduled. 

The borrower must request forbearance in writing, providing documentation that supports the borrower's claim that he or she is financially unable to make the scheduled payments. 

If in NNU's opinion, circumstances such as prolonged illness or unemployment prevent the borrower from making the scheduled payments, forbearance may be granted. Interest will continue to accrue and must be paid monthly unless special arrangements are made with the NNU Student Loan Office to pay this interest on a different time schedule. 

Download a Forbearance Request
(Note: use this form only if you attended and received your loan from Northwest Nazarene University)


You may want to check with your Stafford Loan lender to see if they will consolidate a private/institutional loan (this is your Revolving Student Loan). Many of these lenders only consolidate federal loans (Stafford, Perkins, Plus). Below are a few websites we have found that consolidate private loans. Look at the advantages and disadvantages very closely when making your decision to consolidate any loan.

Wells Fargo Education Connection Consolidator Loan 
800-658-3567 or 800-378-5526

Key Education Resources

Chase Student Loans

SunTrust Education Loans

Next Student

You may also want to check out the Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid website at for information on lenders who may consolidate a private loan.

It is always good financial practice to never give information to consolidation companies who call you first. If the company seems to have an interesting deal, research it first, confirm any important selling points, then call THEM at their listed number.