Revolving Student Loan FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who owns my Revolving Student Loan?
A. Northwest Nazarene University.

Q. Where do I send my payments?
A. UAS, University Accounting Service, LLC is a billing service for your Federal Perkins Loan. UAS is under contract with NNU to perform the billing and accounting for your loan. You may visit their website at

Q. What is my account number?
A. Your Revolving Student Loan account number begins with either "50959" or "50960" followed by 11 characters unique to your account.  Check back later, with our February 1, 2018 conversion from ACS to UAS, this number will change slightly.

Q. To whom do I make the check payable and where do I mail my payment if not paying online?
A. Make your check payable to Northwest Nazarene University. Be sure to include your complete account number on your check for accurate and timely processing. You can mail your check to:
University Accounting Service, LLC
PO Box 5879
​Carol Stream IL 60197-5879

Q. Will I be subject to a penalty if I pay my loan early?
A. No.

Q. What day of the month is my payment due?
A. Payments are always due on the 1st day of every month.

Q. What do I do if I cannot make my regularly scheduled installment?
A. Anytime you encounter temporary financial difficulties, contact Northwest Nazarene University at 208.467.8534.

Q. How can I obtain a deferment request form?
A. If you are attending NNU, please contact the Business Office. If you are attending a Nazarene Seminary, an enrollment verification letter from their Registrar will suffice. Remember, if you are attending any other institution, you do not qualify for a student deferment.

Q. How can I obtain a forbearance form?
A. These forms are available at this website. Forbearance Request.

Q. How can I obtain information regarding the status of my account?
A. You may view your account online at UAS, contact NNU at 208-467-8534 or