Undergraduate Costs 2015-16

    2015-2016 Undergraduate Costs

    Undergraduate Tuition Per Semester Fall & Spring
    Undergraduate Tuition: 12-18 Semester Credits (block rate)
    $13,875 $27,750
    Less than 12 - $1199 per semester credit
    More than 18 - Block Rate plus $315 per credit.
    Student Fees Per Semester Fall & Spring
    Undergraduate: 12 Or More Credits (full time)

    $ 200

    $ 400

    Includes Student Government Assoc / Registration / Athletic Facilities / Health & Safety / Technology
    Contingency Deposit: $  50  $  50 
    This is an annual fee applied to the student account in the first full-time semester of each academic year - usually in the fall. 
    Student Health Insurance   Fall & Spring
    Student Health Insurance Plan: SHIP effective 8/1/15 - 7/31/16



    Required for all new (2015) undergraduate students and all international students.
    May opt out if already covered by a comprehensive insurance plan meeting the University's requirements: visit wellnesscenter.nnu.edu.    
    Plan prorated for spring only semester enrollment.
    Room and Board Per Semester Fall & Spring

    Shared Dorm Room and Silver Meal Plan

    The silver meal plan is 230 meals per semester and $100 "flex" dollars. A meal plan with unlimited entries may be purchased for an additional $200 per semester.

             $ 3,300              $ 6,600
                             Total Estimated Cost



    Housing Information:

    • Room charge includes furniture and utilities.
    • Private room (when available) is an additional $300 per semester.
    • A limited number of units are available for married students.

    For questions or information regarding housing and meal plan options, please contact the Office of Student Development office at 208-467-8643.

    Course Fees:

    Please refer to the Registration Course Bulletin, available from the Office of the Registrar or online.

    Special Fees:

    • Audit (Non-credit) courses: $50 per course credit
    • For senior citizens 60 years of age or older there is no charge for non-credit classes - classes taken for credit are one-half the undergraduate tuition.


    • Student fees for half-time enrollment: from 6-11 credits - $150 per semester
    • Student fees for part-time enrollment: from 1-5 credits - $50 per semester
    • Post-Baccalaureate/NNU Graduate tuition: $582 per credit


    By the following dates you must either pay in full or establish a payment plan*.

    Fall Semester: August 11, 2015

    Spring Semester: January 4, 2016

    New students will receive a statement in the mail prior to the beginning of the semester. Continuing students may view their charges and financial aid at the NNU portal.

    By the above dates, the student account must be covered by a combination of the following:

    • Paid In Full - Pay online at the NNU portal.
      • International Students may pay in your own currency at the flywire website.
    • Monthly Payment Plan - Enroll through Tuition Management Systems.
    • Military Benefits - The NNU Business Office must be aware of these benefits in advance of the due date and the benefits must be paid directly to NNU in order for these to be considered a component of satisfactory payment arrangements.
    • Financial Aid - You must have completed paperwork and be waiting for disbursement of Federal Direct loans and/or other aid.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for information regarding eligibility and availability of aid.

    Any student NOT falling into a combination of the above categories will be charged a $100 late fee.  Interest may be applied to unpaid balances at the monthly rate of 1.25%, posted on the last day of each month. When a student is no longer enrolled at NNU and a balance remains on their account, the student is responsible for paying the University's cost of collection. This includes but is not limited to, collection agency fees, and/or reasonable attorney fees.

    A $20 charge will be assessed for each check returned for insufficient funds.

    Refunds: If a student receives more financial aid than needed to cover tuition and fees, a refund will be issued within 14 days. Checks are issued each Friday.

    Contact Information: Business Office@nnu.edu | 208.467.8010 | 877.NNU.4YOU | Fax: 208.467.8597


    All students withdrawing from NNU must complete the "Request for Withdrawal from School" form available from the Office of Academic Advising.

    Exceptions to the refund schedule listed below will be considered for cases of medical or other hardship on a case-by-case basis upon request of the student and submission of appropriate documentation.

    Tuition, Fees, Room and Board:  Students who withdraw from school prior to or on the last day to add courses for the semester shall receive a refund of 100% of tuition and fees charged. Students withdrawing after the last day to add courses for the semester shall receive a prorated refund of tuition and fees for the first 60% of the semester. Room and board charges for the semester are refunded on a prorated basis. The withdrawal date is defined as the earlier of: (1) the date that the student began the withdrawal process or officially notified NNU of intent to withdraw, or (2) for those students who leave school without notifying an appropriate NNU official, (a) the midpoint of the semester, or (b) the last day of documented "academic-related activity". The Director of Academic Advising determines the official date of withdrawal.

    There are no refunds for incomplete independent study or correspondence courses. There are generally no refunds for enrolled students withdrawing solely from the dorm after the last day to add courses. There are prorated refunds for withdrawing solely from the board plan after the start of the semester.

    Refund Distribution. Students who withdraw from NNU and have received federal financial aid may be required to return all or part of that aid based on the percent of the semester that the student is no longer enrolled. When a refund to federal programs is required, following is the refund distribution:

       1.  Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan
       2.  Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan
       3.  Federal Perkins Loan
       4.  Federal PLUS Loan
       5.  Federal Pell Grant
       6.  Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
       7.  Leveraging Education Assistance Partnership Grants (LEAP)
       8.  Other Title IV Aid Programs
       9.  Other Federal Sources of Aid
     10.  Other State, Private or Institutional Aid
     11.  Parents or other third party, and then the Student

    No Refund is made to the student when all charges have been met by federal or institutional aid, or when the amount of refund exceeds cash payment made by the student.

    Refunds to NNU's institutional aid programs are based on the tuition and fees withdrawal rate; i.e., if one-half tuition and fees are refunded, one-half of any institutional aid will be refunded to institutional programs.

    Repayment of Unearned Aid. Students who receive federal financial aid and withdraw from NNU may be required to repay the appropriate program a percentage of their unearned aid. The responsibility to repay unearned aid is shared by NNU and the student in proportion to the aid each is assumed to possess. NNU's share is the lesser of: 

         1.  The total amount of unearned aid,
         2.  NNU's charges multiplied times the percentage of aid that was unearned, and,
         3.  NNU's share is allocated among the Title IV programs in an order specified by law.

    The student's share is the difference between the total unearned aid and NNU's share. After the student's share is fully allocated among any of the Title IV loan programs, any amount owed to a federal grant program is reduced by half.


    When is my payment due?
    Payment and/or satisfactory financial arrangement of the balance due on a student's account must be completed by August 11, 2015, for Fall Semester, and January 4, 2016, for Spring Semester.  In determining the balance due, financial aid awarded for the semester will be deducted from the total semester charges. There is no additional fee to pay with your credit or debit card online through the NNU Portal.  Paper checks may be mailed to Northwest Nazarene University, 623 S. University Blvd., Nampa, ID  83686.  

    What if someone else is paying my bill?
    It is the student's responsibility to ensure that information regarding payment amounts and deadlines is communicated to the person who will be paying the account, including parents.

    How can I pay online?
    Log into the NNU Portal and click the Financial Aid and Student Account Information link, then click Pay Bill. Fill in the amount to pay; do not use a $ sign in this box. Submit and follow the directions given.

    How can I give my parents permission to view and pay my account online?
    Log into the NNU Portal and click Info Release on the left side. Follow directions to give parents listed permission to view grades and/or financial information. They will be sent an email with login instructions to the NNU Portal so they can view only financial information and/or your grades. From the Portal they will then be able to pay online as well.

    Are payment options available?
    NNU offers a monthly payment plan through Tuition Management Services (TMS), which enables 10 interest-free, monthly installment payments from August 1 to May 1.  Participation is on an annual basis, and there is an annual enrollment fee of $78. To enroll online, visit the TMS website at http://nnu.afford.com. Individual semester plans may be available by contacting the Business Office.

    When is financial aid posted to my student account?
    Financial Aid will begin to be applied to student accounts on the first day of class provided all requirements have been met. Loan funds will only be released when the student has completed all steps in the loan process and has met eligibility requirements.  Private scholarships are applied to student accounts when the funds are received. 

    Students are reminded that there are processing fees deducted from the subsidized and unsubsidized Direct Loans, PLUS loans and Alaska loans.  Therefore, the loan proceeds applied to the student account may be less than the amount borrowed.  The processing fee percentage will anywhere from 0-5%.  Questions concerning Financial Aid should be directed to (208) 467-8347 or (877) 668-4968.

    I have been awarded a Federal Perkins Loan.  Where do I sign the promissory note?
    All students who are first time borrowers at NNU are required to complete entrance loan counseling and to sign a Federal Perkins Master Promissory Note (MPN). The entrance counseling session can be completed at nnu.edu/campusloans.  Entrance counseling should be completed now if you have not already done so. Important information will be emailed to you regarding e-signing your MPN. Watch your email two-three weeks prior to the start of the semester for instructions and the link for e-signing your Note. You will need your FAFSA pin to e-sign.

    How are my Direct Loan funds applied to my account?           
    All first time NNU borrowers of the Federal Direct Loan will need to complete entrance counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN) at studentloans.gov. If you are a continuing student and had a Direct Loan this past year while attending NNU, you should have already completed an MPN and should not need to do so again.  

    Work study was listed on my award letter from Financial Aid.  Why is it not listed on my statement?
    Work Study is not aid that is automatically applied to your student account.  If you work on campus, you will receive a paycheck for the amount of hours worked.  If you would like to have all or part of the paycheck to be applied toward your semester charges, you may come to the Business Office to complete a Payroll Waiver.  This form allows the Business Office to deduct automatically from your paycheck each month.    

    What is a transcript hold?
    A transcript hold prevents an official transcript from being printed by the Registrar.  Official transcripts of student course work are granted only after the student's account is paid in full. Continued enrollment will be available after the prior semester's balance is paid in full or satisfactory arrangements have been made with the Business Office.

    What if I withdraw from NNU?  
    The official date of withdrawal from school will be determined by the Director of Academic Advising.  After the last day to drop classes, the cost of tuition, fees, room, and board are on a prorated schedule based on the number of days enrolled.  Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog or contact the Business Office for additional information regarding withdrawals.